Create a 4H Booster Club for Your School 4H Club

Creating an agriculture booster club for the 4H program makes a lot of sense. The 4H program itself is a very important program for kids that teaches them many lifelong skills and you show a lot of support for this program and the kids when you create a 4H booster club. Your agriculture booster club is one that should be taken seriously as it will require both hands-on involvements as well as moral support and fundraising efforts….

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The Real Impact of A Volleyball Booster Club

A volleyball booster club provides important support for young athletes. High school volleyball teams are an opportunity for young adults to stretch themselves in fitness, teamwork, and goal-setting. The challenge of this athletic environment also helps young people stay more focused, achieve better grades, increases attendance and improves their graduation rates….

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Create Additional booster club management positions – When and Why?

Managing a booster club is an important task often divided into multiple roles. With officer positions, you can delegate tasks and help the group to run more smoothly without putting too much stress on a single person. But, what do you do when there aren’t enough positions to fit your needs? How do you know when to create additional booster club management positions and how do you do so gracefully and with minimal disruption?…

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How To Write a Booster Club Mission Statement

Choosing your booster club mission statement is a task that shouldn’t be taken too lightly. When it comes to creating your booster club, the mission statement is a vital part. It’s something that you will use over and over again while describing and promoting your booster club to the public, both in legal documents as well as conversation….

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Memorial Day Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Booster club fundraising is an essential part of the organization. Keeping an eye out for creative holiday fundraising is a huge plus and advantage for getting to find new ways to bring in an income. Consider planning a booster club Memorial Day fundraising event to help grow your club revenue. Not only is it close to summer, but the weather is nice enough that outdoor options are open as well as indoors. This time of year is the perfect blend of the best fundraising worlds as you have an ample amount of help and ideas at your fingertips….

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Stop Booster Club Embezzlement By Setting Up These Systems

Putting in plans to stop booster club embezzlement before they ever begin is a great way to keep up with your booster club security. While it’s not the most fun topic to discuss, it is an important one that should be addressed.

Booster club embezzlement happens all of the time, so you should never blindly believe that it couldn’t happen to your group. You never know who has tried sticking their hand into the money pot or trimmed a few numbers to keep you none the wiser.

This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s important to trust but verify and keep some great guidelines in place to prevent theft before it happens….

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Pros and Cons of a Booster Club Shopify Website

As you grow your booster club, you may be considering addin to your online presence by creating a booster club shopify website so that people can easily find you and find information about your club, events, and any merchandise you might sell. Sites like Shopify make designing and building your own website without knowing code extremely easy. The question is, is Shopify right for your booster club?  If not, then which platform should you use? Popular platforms offer different features and focuses, so choosing one depends on what kind of website you wish to create….

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