How To Set Up Your Booster Club

A booster club is an organization that is formed to support a wide variety of groups, from sports teams to drama departments to arts programs. Booster clubs are one of the most efficient and direct fund raising systems for non-profit, volunteer oriented organizations or initiatives. Due to their useful and easy set-up, booster clubs for athletics, music, drama departments, and more have seen continued growth and widespread implementation throughout the U.S. However, their popularity doesn’t take away from the hard work it takes to build and manage a booster club. Below, we’ve outlined some steps for setting up a booster club so that it runs smoothly and successfully!

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Booster Club Laws – Keeping Your Booster Club Legal

Booster clubs, to be considered as legitimate, nonprofit organizations, have a number of regulations that need to be followed in order to maintain their legal status. Booster club legalities can vary from area to area depending on state practices, but there are a number of general booster club laws that should be followed no matter where your organization is established. Below, we’ve listed a few of the guidelines that should be followed in order for you to create and maintain a legal booster club organization!…

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