Socially Distanced Halloween Fundraiser Ideas

COVID has thrown a wrench into the regular operations of booster clubs around the country. Like any business, schools and booster clubs still need to raise money to keep their teams and organizations above water. Amid this crisis, booster clubs are looking for any way to still provide a great experience for the kids and so we put together a few socially distanced Halloween fundraiser ideas….

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How To Build A Booster Club Leadership Team

Great leadership can make or break a booster club. As dedicated as your volunteers and staff may be, every booster club needs a solid leadership team to achieve goals, manage funds, and guide the organization throughout the year.

You need a reliable, dedicated leadership team at the helm of your booster club. But what if you don’t know where to find the leaders you need? Building a great booster club leadership team starts with identifying great leaders….

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Start a golf booster club to support your golf team

Why should I consider starting a Golf Booster Club at my school? Well, there are many reasons, especially when you consider that there are many sports and activities that students have an interest in! Golf, like many of these clubs and sports, however, most likely does not have the widespread support of something like marching band, football, or even to a lesser extent basketball, baseball, and softball. These typically popular sports and activities certainly benefit from the support of their booster club, why shouldn’t other activities and sports – such as golf – benefit from the support of a booster club as well? Creating a golf booster club has a number of benefits, not just for the sport, but the school, the students, and your local community at large….

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Why You Can’t Forget to File Your Booster Club Tax Returns

It happens every year. Booster club management transitions to new leadership and important business from the previous months is left unfinished or forgotten altogether. New leaders have to learn the ropes quickly and are often tasked with challenging fundraising initiatives soon after joining the organization. With the whirlwind of activity that comes with leading a booster club, forgetting about booster club tax returns is bound to happen in some organizations….

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Ways To Handle An Ineffective Booster Club Management Team

Ineffective booster club management is a situation that affects many booster clubs all over the world. While we all hope and strive for a perfectly run organization, unfortunately, bad apples do try and ruin things here and there. While not every poor situation leads to legal issues, court fees, and bad press, having ineffective booster club management teams in place can still be catastrophic for the group….

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MailChimp versus Constant Contact – Which Works Best For Booster Club Email Updates?

Having an email list is important for booster club marketing. It’s how you’ll contact and reach out to a wide range of volunteers, donors, students, and other interested parties with just the click of a few buttons. Being able to send booster club email updates is important for communication, fundraising, and promotion as well as several other great reasons. But, having a great email marketing platform to use is even more important. To help we are looking at Mailchimp versus Constant Contact to determine which is best for booster clubs. …

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