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Booster Club Officers: Their Roles and Responsibilities

When it comes to organizing boosting clubs and picking booster club officers, there isn’t a magic formula that ensures success. However, strong leadership & management has an important  effect on whether or not your booster club will successfully achieve its goals. Whether you fill the Booster Club Officer role of President, Secretary, or Treasurer, your level of commitment and care directly impacts the culture and progress of your Booster Club. Therefore, it is important that the your booster club officers are individuals who will stand up for your organization in both challenging and fruitful periods and not waver in their commitment.

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Why You Should Use Twitter For Your Booster Club

If you are looking for new ways to engage with your booster club followers, you might want to consider Twitter! You probably are  already familiar with witter as one of the major online social networking sites where people communicate in short messages called tweets. Though most people (maybe even you!) use twitter recreationally you can absolutely use twitter as an advertising platform for your booster club….

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