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Top 5 Management Mistakes of Booster Clubs

In too many instances, booster clubs are formed for all the right reasons but then disappear after a few years. In many cases, they tend to go out of business per say, due to very similar reasons – poor or mismanagement.  To help our booster club brethren avoid these pitfalls we have compiled the top 5 management mistakes of booster clubs. That being said, these five booster club management mistakes are only the more common reasons clubs might not survive, like running any business there are any number of pitfalls that can negatively impact an organizations ability to exist.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and discuss what we here at Booostr see as being the top 5 booster club management mistakes so you can hopefully avoid them!

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Join A Booster Club for Your Child, School and Yourself!

Why should you join a booster club? Well the primary reason might be because your child has decided to continue their involvement in a sports or music program. Their involvement in those sports, music, arts or other activities will give them valuable skills and improve their college and university applications. These days is those valuable extracurricular opportunities also tend to be under extreme budgetary strains, which is where booster clubs try to step in. However, in order for booster clubs to be effective, they rely on a steady stream of volunteers and community support from people like you!

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Booster Clubs and Schools – Ways You Can Work Together Successfully!

A booster club school relationship stand to gain a lot from working together, and it is best to take steps to ensure that the collaboration is a positive one from the beginning. Strife and conflict between schools and booster clubs can damage the support efforts for school programs, versus how working together effectively can increase the quality of support. We want to showcase a few useful tips for ensuring the booster club school relationship is as cordial as possible.

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How to Run a Successful Booster Club Bake Sale Fundraiser

Bake sale fundraisers are a wonderful way to engage your local community over a common goal, all while enjoying the comradery of baking traditional and ethnic sweets. Regardless of whether you are an athletic, music, drama, academic, high school, middle school, or elementary school booster club, bake sale fundraisers can be a profitable way to raise needed funds for booster club’s enriching experiences. While bake sales have a proven track record, not everyone successfully hits their booster club fundraising goals. Often times a lack of planning, a lack of support, or poor marketing and promotion can negatively impact fundraisers. Booostr has compiled some tips that will help you ensure that your community invests the necessary time and energy needed for a successful booster club bake sale fundraiser.

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How To Attract Booster Club Volunteers

One of the biggest tasks on the list of any booster club is the recruitment of volunteers. It’s simple: in order for your booster club to continue running smoothly, you need to attract booster club volunteers willing to support the organization. Attracting booster club volunteers may be challenging, but utilizing the below recommendations will help you to successfully build your volunteer team….

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How Booster Club Operations Work and Are Structured

A booster club can usually be defined as nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that strives to provide support to departments, programs and/or organizations that are typically associated with school environments. To start and maintain successful booster club operations, it’s necessary to be familiar with booster club structures and organization. Not only do booster clubs demand a certain amount of volunteers and participants, but they also require financial stability and organization. Below, we’ve outlined the major components of how booster clubs work!…

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Ways to Search For Booster Clubs in the USA

Booster clubs organizations usually exist throughout your community and have a multitude of different focuses. Due to their popularity, it’s valuable to know, if you’re starting your own booster clubs, what other booster clubs are near you. Additionally, if you want to become a participant or member of an already existing booster club, it’s important to know how to locate booster clubs in your area. We have collected a variety of ways in which you can search for booster clubs to help you find the perfect fit!…

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Typical Booster Club Management Team Structures

When creating a booster club, it is important to keep in mind that your booster club management team will affect how well you will be able to manage your booster club. If your booster club is disorganized and the members do not have clear understandings of their roles, getting important tasks done in a timely manner will be a constant uphill battle. Booster clubs must determine which individuals will complete which tasks and should make sure to create detailed bylaws that clearly express the purpose of each officer position. Provided below are some tips for how you can organize your booster club to optimize your booster club organization management….

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Summer Booster Club Fundraising – Maintaining Support While School Is Out

With summer upon us and most schools letting out, your  attention needs to shift to summer booster club fundraising opportunities. Just because school is out, does not mean your booster club should shut down for the duration. It is important to consider additional ways to continue raising money and keeping the support for your booster club strong. To help continue booster club engagement, it is important to maintain and try new marketing efforts to promote and grow your summer booster club fundraising. To help your club capitalize while school is out, we have put together some summer booster club fundraising ideas….

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