Listing Type : Booster Clubs
Booster Gender Focus : Unisex
Booster Club EIN Number : 273003514
Booster Club Gross Revenue Exact Amount : 139836
Booster Club Net Revenue Exact Amount : 63422
Booster Club IRS Last Date of Filing : 01/06/2015
Booster Club Associated Organization Website : 4
Booster Club Focus : Music - Choir

53RD STREET SINGERS INC is a/an Music booster club based in DAVENPORT, IA. More Specifically 53RD STREET SINGERS INC focuses on the following activity: Choir. The main purpose of a booster club like 53RD STREET SINGERS INC, is to help raise money and provide support for specific extra-curricular activities. In many cases Booster Clubs are created to support school related extracurricular activities such as various sports boosters, music boosters, art boosters, STEM boosters or general academic boosters to name a few. Typically Booster Clubs such 53RD STREET SINGERS INC help the organizations they are associated with, with their funding gaps. To do this most Booster Clubs in the United States are set up as Non-Profits, but they differ from many Non-Profits as they are almost always entirely volunteer run. To learn more about 53RD STREET SINGERS INC or to claim this profile page as yours – please register as a beta tester via the link in the upper right corner.

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