About Booostr

About Booostr

Booostr.com exists as the most comprehensive booster club listing website online. Booostr doesn’t just stop at listing every booster club we can find, but we also are developing a comprehensive platform catering to Booster Clubs, Club participants and supporters!

We realize that in an effort to work with smaller and smaller budgets, schools everywhere are cutting activities that fall outside of the typical western learning structure. Not only are they facing cuts from the Federal and state levels, but with an economy in transition it is harder to rely on property taxes and other means of raising money. More and more, schools are becoming reliant on outside sources of funding to help fill funding gaps and support the extracurricular activities that are equally important to the education, growth and productivity of children.

One of the primary ways Schools support many of their extracurricular activities (such as sports programs, music programs, arts programs, drama programs (to name a few) is through parent organized Booster Clubs. These all volunteer clubs work incredibly hard to support specific activities or ALL school activities (depending on how they are run). The parent volunteers spend spare time weeknights after work, weekends, and in between supporting their kids and other family activities to not only help the school, but specifically the students to be able to participate in these key activities.

Booostr found that the support structure for booster clubs online for this army of parent volunteers was severely lacking. Not only are parents trying to run a full fledged non profit, but they are having to juggle all of the pieces of running a non-profit business only in their spare time! Booostr aims to make the life of the Booster Club volunteer, participant, volunteer and student easier by utilizing technology, networking and communication to provide those tools that are sorely lacking currently. We work with Booster Clubs of all kinds including but not limited to:

  • Sports Booster Clubs
  • Education Booster Clubs
  • Music Booster Clubs
  • Fine Art Booster Clubs
  • Drama / Performing Arts Booster Clubs
  • STEM Booster Clubs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  • Grad Night Booster Clubs
  • Government Booster Clubs (ie. Model UN)
  • Speech & Debate Booster Clubs

And more!

Sounds interesting? Feel like becoming involved? Please contact us directly or, if you work with or run a Booster Club, sign up for our Beta Tester Program!

We look forward to working with all Booster Clubs everywhere to help support the education, growth and productivity of all students.

The Booostr Team
Updated 11/20/2017